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Youth Ag-Summit

Passion & Ideas to Feed the Planet

The world’s population is growing rapidly – and so is one of our biggest challenges: how can we feed this hungry planet? New solutions, visionary thinking and creative ideas are required.
The inaugural Youth Ag-Summit 2013 in Canada was a great success. 120 young delegates listened, discussed and learned. Key-note speakers, meetings with peers from over 20 countries and excursions inspired. After a week of intense work, delegates and mentors went home and followed up with 350 localised actions in their regions.

In 2015, the movement continued in Canberra, Australia. 100 young bright minds from 33 countries explored solutions to fight global food challenges. Outcomes where “3 little things” which are individual actions they deliver in their come country as well as the “Canberra Youth Ag-Declaration”, an action-based agenda to find answers on “How to feed a hungry planet?”.

Appetite for more

The journey also continues in 2017. Do you want to come on board for this exciting and inspiring trip to fight global food challenges?

How will we feed our hungry planet? Meet the next generation of future thought leaders. Discuss ideas & global burning issues, develop a vision and deliver action.


Delegates & mentors from around the globe, aged 18 to 25, passionate about sustainable agriculture and food security.


5 days of workshops, discussions, speeches and excursions. A week to discover, ask & listen, to understand and define core issues & work out how to solve them.

To learn more about the Summit, please visit www.youthagsummit.com.
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Room shot at the Delta Bow Valley during the speaker presentations.

Sustainable & smart

But today’s fast growing world creates different challenges. How can we share the world’s fresh water resources in a fair way? What are the major risks to our food safety and which of them should be tackled first? What are the biggest challenges for farmers and urban folks, and how can both work together? What role will a changing climate play in our thinking?

Leave with a clear vision

Together with researchers and industry leaders, delegates will shape their own focus, discuss ideas and solutions to help solve some of our global challenges. The program will be very interactive, using high level speakers to stimulate activities and learning at individual and group level. Discuss your ideas, develop a vision and deliver action!

Are you 18 to 25 years old, interested in agriculture, science and our future? Then you should apply for the 2017 Youth Ag-Summit. Doors for application open in summer 2016.

  • FFN – Future Farmers Network: Australia’a only national network for young people involved in agriculture with members from all branches of industry.
    » www.futurefarmers.com.au
  • 4-H Canada
    One of Canada’s longest-running youth organisations, partner for the inaugural Youth Ag-Summit 2013.
    » www.4-h-canada.ca

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