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Inspiring youth and young scientists for agriculture

Many kids have little clue about where their food comes from. They find a pizza in the freezer, but can’t say what the dough is made of, or where tomatoes grow. Whilst this knowledge is shrinking, the demand for healthy food and efficient farming is rising. In 35 years we’ll have to feed almost 10 billion people. Already today one in eight doesn’t have enough to eat. That’s why new solutions and creative ideas are needed: how will we feed our hungry planet? The Agricultural Education Program encourages the next generation to get active, discuss, come up with ideas, research and explore the future of agriculture.

Experimental Learning - AgLearn

In schools, the knowledge gap in the field of agriculture starts at an early age – especially
since most kids grow up in urban areas and lack hands-on experience with farmers. And this
gap can often not be filled by school curricular as the financial means are very limited to
acquire fun and interactive learning modules for teachers.

  • Learning and exercise material for teachers and an experimental part for kids.
  • This interactive element is in comic style and includes self-doing components as well
    as videos.

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Experimental Learning - Baylab plants Student Labs

Scientists worldwide are researching new technologies to help secure our food supplies. An exciting job that’s guaranteed to inspire, especially when you can try it out yourself. Bayer CropScience invites 14-19 year olds to do their own experiments. Work with crops like rapeseed and rice and experience how science can help solve major challenges.

  • Put knowledge into practice in professionally-equipped laboratories
  • Guarantee: the more you know, the more fascinating science will get

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Youth Ag-Summit

By 2050 the world’s population will have grown from 7 to almost 10 billion people. Securing healthy food supplies for all remains a major challenge. In August 2015 over 100 young delegates from around the world will discuss ideas and solutions to this challenge in the second Youth Ag-Summit. Initiated by Bayer CropScience, the international conference in Australia is a platform for change, building on the success of the inaugural summit in Canada in 2013. “Feeding a hungry planet” 2015 is organized in partnership with the Future Farmers Network and connects a new generation of thought leaders in agriculture.

  • 100 young thought leaders meet in August 2015 in Australia
  • Students with a passion for agriculture aged 18-25 can apply
  • 5 days of interactive workshops, high-level speakers & creative solutions

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Jeff Schell Scholarship for Agriculture Science

Breakthrough discoveries need time, cooperation and creative minds. Named after plant science pioneer Jozef Schell the scholarship program launched in May 2014. It supports students with pioneering ideas in agricultural science and plant biotechnology. Young German and international scientists can apply and are supported in individual research projects abroad.

  • University students aged 18-28 can apply for an individual scholarships
  • Protect crops and secure their efficiency with innovative methods and ideas

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