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It is generally known that the interest of young students in natural sciences is not as high as it could be. But, the interest in such subjects can be sparked by specifically foster competencies through experimental learning. If teachers create tangible experiences for students, they are more likely to grasp the scientific knowledge and intuitively transfer this learned knowledge to their surroundings.

The AgLearn Tool

To provide teachers with such interactive learning methods, the AgLearn Tool was developed. This digital and experimental online learning platform supports teachers in educating students aged 5-12 in the field of natural sciences. The tool is equipped with experiments, exercises, worksheets and videos on “plant growth”. This, one the one hand enables teachers to get creative outside the regular curricular. And, on the other hand, provides students with hands-on experimental learning and fun elements to work in groups or individually.

The AgLearn Tool at a glance


Nowadays, despite the digitalization, school education often offers only limited interactive learning methods to spark student’s interest in natural science.


The AgLearn Tool is an experimental learning platform designed for teachers educating students aged 5-12 in the field of natural science.


The AgLearn tool offers currently one module “plant growth” in English and German. This module consists of seven chapters whereby each is equipped with interactive experiments, worksheets and scientific explanations.

Exciting and interactive material

The AgLearn online platform is an easy-to-handle and intuitive tool that provides…
A variety of topics

… a variety of topics: The chapter overview guides teachers through the content. Teachers can download learning material within the different areas or simply conduct different experiments online.

An easy to understand structure

…. an easy to understand structure: Each module is divided into small manageable sequences. It can be used interactively and includes a call to action.

Interactive learning methods

… interactive learning methods: The experiments can be conducted in the online lab and implemented practically in class. Worksheets and scientific explanations support teachers when doing experiments with their students.

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